The Vision of the House 2017

THEME: Building Divine Connections as We Dream Again!
1 Corinthians 12:12-14; Ezekiel 37:7;  Genesis 28:12, 16-17

It is with great joy and excitement that I release to you the Vision of the House for 2017.  Last year was the Year of Jubilee, and Jubilee and the Favor of God will follow us for the remainder of our lives.  We are in a significant and anointed moment in time for the Body of Christ. Although there are many global challenges and personal issues confronting us, we will come into a greater dimension of understanding and clarity as it relates to our life’s assignment.  We declare and decree in 2017 we will Build Divine Connections where the people of God will Dream Again!

2017 is not the year to be stagnant and complacent. While the threat of uncertainty and the looming darkness challenges our hopes and dreams, it’s time for the believers to Dream Again!  This is an appointed time for the Body of Christ to dream dreams which have never been dreamt before.

We are divinely connected and are one in the body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:12-14. As carriers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will serve the people in our family, church, and community. We will develop the vision of incredible hospitality “from the parking lot to the pew. We will increase our volunteer base and it is the vision of the house that each member is actively engaged in at least one ministry at FOLHOW.

We will continue to be a beacon of light and hope to the South Mountain Community, this city, state, nation, and globe. We will regularly and consistently witness to the unsaved and the unchurched. Every Sunday will continue to be “Friends and Family Sunday. We will expand our evangelism and outreach ministries by engaging in community development through programs such as Adopt a Block and other ministry opportunities.  We are connected to Global United Fellowship (GUF) under the leadership of Bishop Neil C. Ellis and will support mission endeavors such as Compassion International and other GUF ventures.

We will continue to declare that FOLHOW is a 100% tithing church. The vision is to pay off debt, and encourage the members to follow the mandate of debt reduction in their own individual lives.

In 2017, we will lay the foundation and groundwork to move forward with building the Family Life Center and Gym.  We seek The Most High’s direction in connecting FOLHOW with those divine connections which will help us accomplish our kingdom dreams and goals.

A prophetic word is ready to be fulfilled! A new chapter in our lives is waiting to be written…WE WILL BUILD NEW DIVINE CONNECTIONS AS WE DREAM AGAIN!!!