The Vision of the House 2018

THEME: Building Divine Connections – Through Supernatural Turnarounds

It’s a new season! It’s a new day!  We are in a significant repositioning season of expansion and development in the Body of Christ. Although there are national and global challenges confronting us, our life assignments will continually manifest a supernatural dimension of understanding, order and clarity within the Kingdom of God.  We declare and decree in 2018 we will Build Divine Connections, through Supernatural Turnarounds as our Dreams Become Reality!

The number “8” represents new beginnings. We forget those things which are behind us and reach forward to what lies ahead. The time to go forward and upward is Now! God is taking us to a new dimension!

In this season, we can expect:

  • Supernatural turnarounds,
  • Increased influence,
  • Personal limitations to be broken,
  • Old dreams to be awakened,
  • Lost time to be redeemed,
  • Missed opportunities to be restored, and
  • Open doors for new and divine possibilities.

We are in a critical season where we must redeem the time and take the next STEP.

   Stop focusing on the natural and Start seeing things in the Supernatural

   Trust God with all your hearts, minds and soul

   Excuse ourselves from unproductive people and

   Pray the Lord will turn our lives around miraculously

We are divinely connected as one body of Christ, building upon the Foundation already established. 1 Corinthians 3:10-11. Fountain of Life is a “House of Prayer”, with incredible hospitality and love “from the parking lot to the pew.”   We will regularly and consistently witness to the unsaved and the unchurched. Every Sunday will continue to be “Friends and Family Sunday”. This is a season where we reclaim the Seven Mountains shaping the culture and influencing humanity.

We will expand our outreach by engaging in community development maximizing every opportunity to equip the body and evangelize the community. We are connected to Global United Fellowship (GUF) under the leadership of Bishop Neil C. Ellis and will support mission endeavors such as Compassion International and other GUF ventures.

We will continue to declare that FOLHOW is a 100% tithing church. The vision is to continue to pay off debt, and encourage the members to follow the mandate of debt reduction in their own individual lives.

In 2018, we will move forward with Vision 2020: a strategic plan for building the Community Life Center & Gym under the direction of the Most High who will provide divine connections to help us accomplish our kingdom vision and goals. We have already received the vision for 2020 and 2018 will be a major STEP to accomplish it.  This prophetic word will be fulfilled! A new chapter in our lives is being written…